Ancient Roman resort with swimming pool in France

Along a river in southern France, it turns out that an elaborate complex once stood. An ancient Roman resort with a waterfall-fed swimming pool.

Archaeologists have been called to Yenne, Savoie, to examine the site before construction begins on a detached house, France’s National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research has announced. Yenne, Savoie is about 525 miles southeast of Paris.

Archaeologists discovered that the region may include Roman ruins after studying aerial pictures of the site of the proposed development. At first, they thought the remains belonged to a temple or other religious area. Yet when they started digging, researchers soon discovered they were mistaken.

According to the news of The News Tribune, archaeologists discovered a complicated bathing facility rather than a temple, according to the press statement. The ancient Roman resort was located next to a waterfall that supplied the bathhouse along the Rhône riverbank. According to specialists, mineral residues from the cascade matched fragments discovered in the resort’s pipes. Archaeologists claim that the bathing facility was constructed in the second century and abandoned around the end of the fourth.


According to the statement, the 1,800-year-old resort ruins featured a part with three rooms and pieces of a heating system. These rooms were most likely utilized as a warm, mild, and chilly chamber. A big basin originally utilized as a swimming pool may be seen in another area of the 1,800-year-old building. Experts believe the ruins also had an open area that hosted a garden.

It is unclear to archaeologists what use these ornamented chambers served. According to the announcement, the rooms may have been used as a cloakroom, library, store, or other reserve space. With the closure of the thermal bath complex, the location was turned into a stone quarry.

Future excavations of the area are anticipated to turn up the remnants of structures associated to the bath complex.

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